A catch up on California

As happened at the start of this trip, during the last couple of weeks in California I lost the momentum to write updates to the blog and took a bit of a break.

I find it hard to backdate while I am still on the move so, again as before, here is a summary…

After Death Valley, I spent a couple of days in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, having decided to forego the crowds of Yosemite for a little more seclusion.  I saw the most amazing redwoods and camped surrounded by wildlife, including bears that I heard out and about at night.  I was in an actual campsite this time so my food was safely stored in a bear proof locker – which rather embarrassingly I couldn’t figure out how to open at first.

After Sequoia I headed over to San Francisco on 22nd June and that is when all my plans went out the window.  What had meant to be a three day stay turned into nearly two weeks, during which I visited many places around California but always gravitated back to San Francisco in between.

Among the other places I saw were Mendocino National Forest, taking a hellish road to get to Upper Lake but rewarded by a stay in a remote cluster of cabins, once apparently owned by Jack Haley (Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz) and used as a get away for Hollywood’s rich and famous.

This totally freaked me out when I spotted it as I really thought it was someone watching me…

I also spent time driving both North and South on Highway 101 along the Pacific Coast, visiting Big Sur, Santa Cruz, and Los Gatos on the way, where I stayed in a great Airbnb and drank cocktails outside into the early hours of the morning!

As those who know me will already know, the coast has never been one of my favourite locations, but I admit I was totally blown away by some of the scenery and often found myself lost just watching the waves.

I even managed to catch up again with Anna, who I originally met hiking in Utah and then again for a night out in Las Vegas.  This time we did some camping and hiking in Point Reyes.

So there we are, all up to date, apart of course from that first stop outside of California – Crater Lake, Oregon.  Formed inside a volcanic crater, it is the deepest lake in the US and reputedly the purest in the world.  What a note to end this post on…