3 weeks in…


3 weeks into my solo trip, I have had plenty of opportunity for reflection so thought I would share some random thoughts and observations, some more profound than others 😉

• When camping alone in the middle of nowhere, years of watching horror films will automatically lead you to believe that the rustling at your tent door during the night is a crazed serial killer, as opposed to the more likely options of a gust of wind or a small animal.
• Travelling alone often results in the most interesting and rewarding interactions with other people, from brief conversations to more in depth discussions and shared activities. In this you get a glimpse of their lives and for a moment at least, your stories cross. Some people you will never see again, others will go on to become friends. Regardless, this helps to remind you that no matter how dark the world can seem sometimes, there are an awful lot of nice people out there just doing their best to get by.
• Despite the above, on seeing a hitchhiker you will do a very quick, and doubtless highly questionable, visual assessment to ascertain if they could possibly be the crazed serial killer who was trying to get into your tent the night before.
• It is impossible to eat too many pancakes, or drink too many free coffee refills. Also, you can put syrup on almost anything you eat and it will taste good .
• Total silence is something we seldom experience and it can be eerily beautiful.
• Despite there not necessarily being huge cultural difference between the US and UK, there are nevertheless multiple ways for a British person to embarrass themselves due to ignorance, including not being able to figure out how the pumps at the petrol station work. Also, a constant fear of under-tipping may possibly make you one of the most popular customers in services across the US.
• Nature is unstoppable in it’s capacity to astound.
• When taking a road trip, you can become disproportionately obsessed with when you will next get to wash your clothes. Invariably, it will be within minutes of having done so that you will spill coffee down your favourite top.
• Feeling totally comfortable being alone can be one of the most empowering things you can experience. Of course, it is made easier when you are lucky enough to have an army of people to call upon should you need to…
• Finally, it is a little known fact but the volume at which you sing out loud  to yourself in the car, increases proportionate to the number of miles you drive.